Intermittent fasting and its benefits



                           “What the eyes are for the outer world, fast is for the inner

M. Ghandi     



Practicing fasting has been around for centuries and is part of many existing religions. Many great philosophers, writers, humanitarians and scientists found fasting  a great way to purify their body from toxins, clarify their mind and thoughts and practice patience, tolerance and inner strength.


Fasting is not simply starving yourself but refraining your body from food and drinks for certain period of time. There are several types of fasting, which allows you to pick one that suits your daily schedule and eating habits. I would like to talk about intermittent fasting regarding keto diet since they are a great pairing for fast weight loss and body healing.


Intermittent fasting is basically an eating pattern in which you have a certain window of time, usually lasting from 6 – 8 hours, when you are allowed to eat.  During the remaining  period of 16-18 hours you are resting your body from taking food and drinks in,  except water. Seems too strict? But by incorporating 8-9 hours of fasting while we sleep, it can be more manageable! There are two common ways of  how intermittent fasting could work depending on your preference and daily schedule:


  • By skipping breakfast, first meal could be at 12pm, eating no later than 8pm, so your fasting window would be from 8pm-12pm.


  • If you prefer to eat as soon as you wake up, first meal could be at 9 or 10am, and then eat by 4-5pm. Your fasting period would be from 5pm-9am.


There is not one right way to do intermittent fasting and that is the beauty of it. You fit it in your schedule and plan according to your goals. Very important thing to keep in mind is that you should keep two solid, wholesome meals with maybe one small snack within the eating window if you really want to enjoy the benefits of fasting. Your plate should be filled with good quality animal protein, healthy fats and veggies in order to keep you satisfied. Benefits of intermittent fasting are numerous:


  •      Helps boost your metabolism and faster weight loss especially when you stall while on keto diet.


  •    Lowers inflammation processes in body and resolves digestive issues since  your intestines are on a break while fasting. The latest research on a healthy immune system emphasizes the importance of digestive health and keeping our gut microbiome in balance.


  • Increases insulin sensitivity, resolves insulin resistance and stabilizes blood sugar. The typical high carb American diet leads to one of the highest global rates of obesity, metabolic syndrome and an epidemic od Type 2. By keeping your fasting window to 16-18 hours, you give your body time to process food you have eaten, stabilize blood sugar and therefore decrease your need for insulin which leads to higher cell sensitivity to that hormone. Pairing with keto diet is an excellent way to reverse prediabetes and keep your blood sugar in check.


  • Helps lower triglycerides and thus prevent future heart problem.



  • Slows down aging by boosting oxidative processes in mitochondria, the power houses of our cells.



  • Promotes detoxication by breaking down fat reserve and gets rid of stored toxins. That is possible only after 12 hours of fasting and that’s why it is important to fast at least 16 hours but no longer then 32 hours (unless it is therapeutic fasting and under  medical supervision).



  • Improves quality of sleep



Intermittent fasting is natural nutrition therapy but if you have any serious conditions you should consult your doctor before starting it.  Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.






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